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Scientific Impact assessment and Modelling

Platform for Advanced Crop and Ecosystem management


Model development as well as decision and policy support are complex and require advanced technologies. Scientific projects have specific needs and expectations for software tools to be able to consider the complexity of natural and anthropogenic systems and their interactions. Requirements differ between developers, scientists and decision or policy makers that work at spatial scales ranging from plot specific to global issues. SIMPLACE aims to bridge these gaps by providing adapted features for the different users needs.


The SIMPLACE Framework tries to meet these needs using modular software architecture within standard technologies, which reduces the effort in model development and customization. It includes the flexibility necessary to be customized, used and extended by scientists. The multi threaded high performance architecture enables calibration and simulations at different spatial scales.


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1. Getting started

Install and setup
How to run SIMPLACE


2. General Structure of SIMPLACE framework


The SIMPLACE framework provides two ways of interaction, depending on the users needs:


For Spatial Decision Support you can use SIMPLACE spatial decision support systems  (SDSS) Engine
For Scientists and Model Engineers, as they need advanced modeling approach, use SIMPLACE Model Engine
The Modeling Engine is also part of the SIMPLACE spatial decision support system framework.


3. Tutorials

How and where to use rules/expressions
How to use working directories
How to use Simple Counter
How install Eclipse(YouTube)